Top 5 Gadgets of the Week: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Sony PRS-T2 eReader, the Little Printer

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When the first iPad was released, the masses were skeptical. Steve Jobs wasn't.

Turns out Jobs was right, and the tablet wars are now in full bloom. Samsung, Apple's closest rival, has released its latest iPad competitor in the form of the GalaxyNote 10.1 tablet. Will it threaten the king or just clutter store shelves?

While the big boys battle it out for tablet supremacy, we also take a look at the Little Printer, two video game peripherals, and Sony's attempt to get back in the game with its newest eReader.

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PHOTO: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

We have been inundated with tablet after tablet, with everyone trying to take the crown away from Apple by introducing their own iPad killers.

No one has succeeded, but Samsung is still trying its hardest. Its latest, the Galaxy Note 10.1, is an update of the previous Galaxy Note, but even shinier.

The Note 10.1 comes with a 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core processor, 10.1-inch LCD screen, and up to 64GB of memory. The Note will be running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), come with front and rear facing cameras, and a microSD slot for memory expansion.

Best of all, buyers get to experience the S Pen, which is a fancy way of saying stylus. But starting at $499 and running up to $699 for the top of the line model, does it offer more than the iPad? (Samsung)

PHOTO: Razer Kraken Gaming Headset
The Razer Kraken

If there were a perfect headset, the Razer Kraken would be it. Designed specifically around the ergonomics of your head, it balances weight, functionality, and performance. The 3.5 mm combined audio jack and splitter cable allows for use with any mobile device as well as gaming PCs, so you never have to take these bad boys off.

Complete with leatherette ear cushions, 40 mm neodymium magnet drivers, and a fully retractable microphone, the Kraken headset delivers the highest-quality gaming audio around. For hardcore gamers, the Razer Kraken will set you back $79.99. Let the games begin. (Razer)

PHOTO: Sony PRS T2 E-Reader
Sony PRS-T2 eReader

Let's face it, Sony missed the bus on eReaders. It had one of the first ones on the market back in the day, but people thought it was a novelty.

Skip ahead to today, when the Nook and Kindle are kings. Poor Sony has been left in the dust.

Trying to reclaim some of its former magic, Sony has released the PRS-T2 eReader. It offers more features to manage content, easy wireless access, and an enhanced touch screen.

With a catchy name like PRS-T2, three colors to choose from, and a price tag of $129, these are sure to fly right off the shelves.

On second thought -- no. They probably won't. (Sony)

PHOTO: Mad Catz
Mad Catz
Mad Catz Strike 7 Keyboard

The Mad Catz Strike 7 gaming interface is a fully customizable keyboard. The Strike 7 has five different modules to customize. Starting with the LCD touch screen, it also has a main keyboard, function strip, numerical pad, a 3-part active palm rest and two wrist rests. Gamers have never seen a more hardcore keyboard then this.

Feel like visiting a friend? The Strike 7 can be programmed to remember specific settings, allowing for a seamless transition to another gaming PC. Shipping now for $300, we bet you'd have to be a pretty hardcore gamer to even consider this one. (MAd Catz)

PHOTO: The Little Printer
Berg Cloud
The Little Printer

The Little Printer is one of those things that is more of a conversation piece than anything else. This tiny device sits in on your desk and prints out daily news, puzzles, gossip and motivational sayings from friends.

Using your smartphone, you can set up subscriptions and the Little Printer will start churning out the magic on a regular basis. It reminds of the old stock tickers from back in the day.

It's small, cute, and a novelty, but beyond that, we can't quite figure out why anyone would spend $259 just so they can do Sudoku. (Berg Cloud)

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