Hidden Cameras Found Throughout Students' Apartment

Police find at least four hidden cameras in bedrooms, bathroom and living room.

ByABC News
July 28, 2011, 1:55 PM

July 28, 2011— -- Two female Bulgarian students visiting the United States for the summer found hidden cameras hidden in their Florida apartment this week and fear they may have been videotaped throughout their three-month stay.

Ratitsa Dzhambazova, 23, and Vanya Amokovareva, 22, discovered at least four cameras stashed throughout the apartment they were sub-leasing for the summer in both bedrooms, the bathroom and the living room area, according to police.

"This is unbelievable, but one night I had a dream that someone watch me when I was naked," said Dzhambazova.

The women's worst nightmare came true when a male roommate pulled one of the smoke detector-like devices off the wall that discovered a camera hidden inside. They later discovered more cameras stationed around the apartment.

Four other roommates moved out of the apartment after the cameras were found, according to Dzhambazova, a journalism student.

Det. Larry McKinnon of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department said that in addition to the hidden cameras, a closet sealed with a padlock was discovered and, after it was open, detectives found a closed circuit TV box and a wireless router.

Police are still investigating whether or not the cameras were active and if they were connected to an outside location and being broadcast.

"You know in the beginning, I am in a strange place and I see these wires and I was thinking… do you think this is a camera? I was joking. I never think this is really a camera," said Dzhambazova.

Dzhambazova and Amokovareva paid $4,000 to an agency that allowed to come to the United States for the summer to work and improve their English.

The women are subleasing the apartment from Raj Armani, a Tampa businessman, and worked as models for a business venture Armani recently created called "Pizza Babe." Its website touts the company as a pizza place that sends out attractive women to make deliveries.

Dzhambazova said they were never paid for their work.

Police have not named Armani as a suspect, but Dzhambazova said she fears he could have been involved. Calls to Armani were not immediately returned.

Police say that they are also investigating the possibility that the cameras existed before the girls moved in three months ago. McKinnon said the person responsible for installing the cameras could face misdemeanor charges or, if audio was captured, a third degree felony.

"It's bizarre… It's just crazy," said McKinnon. "It's just a huge invasion of privacy."