Charlie Sheen on Ustream: 'Winning News'?

Thousands tune in to watch Charlie Sheen live on Ustream

March 5, 2011 -- As if going before every network and cable TV camera that would have him and become an overnight Twitter star weren't enough, actor Charlie Sheen took his "winning" message to the live-stream site Ustream Saturday night.

Dressed in a T-shirt emblazoned with a giant green dollar sign and a black fedora, the actor addressed his fans in a show called "Sheen's Korner."

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At its peak, the show attracted about 150,000 viewers, but the viewer count appeared to fall as the show continued.

The program -- promoted with the tagline "You're either in Sheen's corner or with the trolls" -- featured Sheen, as well as his "sidekick" Rick Calamaro, "goddess" girlfriend Natalie Kenly, a dedicated sound engineer and a handful of other pals.

Since his very public feud with CBS began and the network cancelled the rest of the season of his hit sitcom, "Two and a Half Men," Sheen has seemingly been everywhere, including an extensive interview he gave ABC's Andrea Canning.

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Those interviews produced an astonishing array of catch phrases and buzzwords that seem to have already clawed their way in to Americans' consciousness, so the prospect of seeing Sheen and his "tiger blood" unfiltered drew more than 100,000 people to the Ustream site even before the live stream began.

After thanking his "sponsors," Sheen pulled a bandage off his wrist to reveal that he had tattooed himself with his favorite phrase -- and now popular Twitter hashtag -- "winning."

"I want you to go to your window, I want you to open it ... I want you to join our chant: winning, winning, winning...," Sheen bellowed.

He said "Sheen's Korner" would be "an experiment of sorts," airing on Ustream daily, weekly or with whatever frequency his fans indicated they desired.

"It all depends on how many of you show up," he said.

Sheen and his friends also introduced a series of so-called "segments," including "Winning News," "Gnarls Gnarlingest," "Wish They Were Me Forever" and "Kinda wish I were them for 10 minutes."

Dr. Drew Pinksy and Nancy Grace were among his "Wish They Were Me" mentions, while Sheen said Colin Farrell, Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson and Sean Penn made the "Wish I Were Them" list.

He also gave viewers an opportunity to write in and request, via Twitter, some of their favorite Sheen quotes.

"There's been a lot of wordsmithing that has fallen gracefully from this beautiful hole," he said. "It has caught on like an absolute global wildfire."

As Sheen and his buddies bantered, the sound engineer added a soundtrack of crickets and other noises.

Along the way, Twitter users registered their opinions, with even a few big-name personalities weighing in.

"Half way point and not sure @HowardStern needs to worry about @charliesheen stealing his Sirius gig just yet," wrote CNN's Piers Morgan.

Later, he added, "Not sure I'll be introducing the @charliesheen wind-breaking noises to my show, but quite like the hat. Very Mad Men, appropriately."

Paris Hilton tweeted, "@CharlieSheen Hey Neighbor, I think I might have #Tigerblood ;) and I'm definitely #Winning! Huge! Can't wait to see #Sheen's-Korner"

The online show lasted for nearly an hour and, at the end, Sheen thanked his viewers for tuning in to his "maiden madcap experiment."