Chinese Inventor Gets Around on Suitcase Scooter

No need to carry your bag with this inventive ride.

May 30, 2014— -- Nothing’s new about a suitcase with wheels, unless it’s your ride.

A Chinese entrepreneur has patented an electric suitcase scooter that can travel up to 37 miles on a single charge, as fast as 12 mph, China’s Global Times reported.

He Liangcai of the Hunan Province says it took 10 years to develop the scooter, which comes with GPS and an alarm. The former farmer got the idea when he forgot his luggage on his way to the airport for a flight to the United States.

Now he has a way to get around and won’t ever forget his bag again.

His scooter can seat two people.

Other suitcase scooters have been spotted in the United States, like The Only Scootercase, by Hammacher Schlemmer.