Google Image Shows 'Dead' Girl Lying Face Down on the Street

Google Street view image shows girl lying face down on English street.

ByKi Mae Heussner and Ned Potter
July 13, 2010, 10:14 AM

Aug. 13, 2010— -- It was just a child's innocent prank. But when people in Worcester, England, saw what looked like a dead body in a Google image of their street, they sounded the alarm.

According to the U.K.'s Telegraph, neighbors were so distressed by a picture showing a brown-haired girl lying face down on the sidewalk that they reached out to the tech giant, worried that a crime had been committed.

But it turned out that the dead-looking girl was mischievous 9-year-old Azura Beebeejaun, playing a prank at the exact moment that a Google Street View car happened by, shooting pictures.

''I didn't know anything about the Google Street View car. I fell over while I was playing with my friend and thought it would be funny to play dead," Azura, now 10, told the Telegraph. ''I heard a car go past me but had no idea I was having my picture taken. I was just playing a joke on my friend."

A spokesman for Google said, ''The imagery in Street View represents a snapshot in time of Britain's streets and is no different to what anyone might expect to see for themselves around the country. … Sometimes that means our cars inadvertently capture odd or inappropriate moments as they drive past."

Over the past few years, Google's mapping applications -- Street View, Google Earth and Google Maps -- have generated several odd and entertaining images.

Take a look at a few more of them below:

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