Jawbone Jambox: Pint-Sized Speakers With Big Sound

PHOTO: The Jambox, by Jawbone, is a set of wireless speakers encased in a durable, stylish case.Playcourtesy Jawbone
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The Jawbone Jambox is a sweet wireless speaker that delivers quality sound in a stylish and durable box.

We've become accustomed to carrying around our entire music collection and watching movies on our smartphones, but the tiny speakers in our tiny phones tend to sound -- well, tiny and tinny. Enter the Jambox (list price: $199).

Reminiscent of the rectangular boom boxes of a previous generation, these pint-sized high-tech beauties deliver serious sound. They can fill a room with sound louder than a motorcycle (85 decibels). There is no distortion. You can hear the high notes of your latest pop diva and feel the booming base of your hip hop.

You can connect any audio source (ie. iPhone, tablet or computer) into the Jambox with an included headphone jack extension. But the real magic happens when you pair your Bluetooth device with the rubberized Jambox.

Wireless To Go

No cords or docks to remember. You get great wireless audio. Really nice when you want to stream from Pandora or Spotify while still using your phone or computer to surf the web. The battery is rechargeable, so your Jambox can join you to a holiday party. Or you could hold it on your shoulder while cruising around the neighborhood and share your sounds with everyone around -- if people still did that.

The Jambox can even work as a speakerphone if you want to make a conference call, Skype call or video chat.

The Jambox delivers great sound with no fuss. The red, blue, gray or black casing feels sturdy and looks really cool.

Pairing the Jambox with a device is an easy process, but it can only be paired with one device at a time. When you are done making speakerphone calls with your phone you need to pair the Jambox with your laptop to watch a movie, and then you'll have to re-pair with your phone if you want to stream music.

Despite that small inconvenience, any modern-day traveling digital media enthusiast will love the Jambox.

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