Gmail Access Slowly Returns in China

Google, China have had delicate relationship since 2010.

Google told ABC News that the company has "checked and there's nothing technically wrong on our end." The precipitous drop in usage left many to wonder if it was the latest move by regulators to counter the search giant's presence in the country.

Data from Google's Transparency Report shows Gmail traffic is slowly resuming, however its nowhere near previous use levels.

An editorial released by China's Global Times, which is published by the state-run People's Daily, said the glitch had fueled "unnecessary speculation."

Earlier this week, the country's foreign minister said she was not aware of a block, according to the Associated Press.

Google shut down its search engine in mainland China in 2009 in protest of the country's online censorship. Since then, access to Google's suite of products has been severely limited and blocked in China.

ABC News' Kaijing Xiao contributed to this report.