What's New in Google Maps' 'Cleaner Look'

The tech giant hopes an improved display will be less distracting.

— -- It's out with the old and in with the new at Google Maps.

The tech giant has removed nonessential elements from its navigation app's display and has also added shaded "areas of interest" to highlight popular places.

Among the elements removed, Google says roads will no longer be outlined, allowing better visibility for important information such as traffic and transit.

The text identifying streets, transit centers and points of interest will get an improved look as well.

To help users find popular areas, the app will mark such spots with a shade of orange and show things to do.

Google Maps users will need only to zoom in on a neighborhood and look for the orange shading. Zooming in further on the areas will reveal more details about these locales.

Google Maps is determining "areas of interest" by their concentration of restaurants, bars and shops.