GoPro's $60 Harness Turns Dogs Into Filmmakers

Maybe your pup is the next YouTube star.

— -- Finally, your dog can film his own viral video.

GoPro’s latest gadget is a dog harness and mount that straps to your pup and films what he sees, from playing at the park to digging through the garbage. The Fetch harness comes with mounting hardware that works with any GoPro camera, and can be attached to your pet’s back for overhead shots, or to his chest, to capture the view from the ground.

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The glorified harness, which is water-friendly and adjustable, is $59.99.

GoPro’s lightweight, mountable cameras make it easy for anyone to be an amateur videographer, including, apparently, dogs. The clips have led to many viral moments, such as the dad who used a GoPro camera to capture his son's curbside birth, the stuntman who taped his dive from a rooftop and the parents who strapped a GoPro to their son to document his first day of school.