Instagram's First Ad Hits Feeds Amid Mixed Reviews

ByKurt Wagner
November 01, 2013, 3:25 PM
PHOTO: One of the first Instagram advertisements comes from Michael Kors.
One of the first Instagram advertisements comes from Michael Kors.
Michael Kors

— -- Instagram's first ad hit feeds on Friday, offering the first official glimpse at what users can expect from advertisers moving forward.

The ad comes from fashion designer Michael Kors, and features a gold watch on the table next to delicate macarons. Instagram promised last week that ads were coming, and offered up a preview ad of its own to show users what to expect, but Friday's sponsored image is the first real ad to come across the platform.

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As of mid-morning on Friday, the ad had more than 65,000 Likes and more than 540 comments. Despite Instagram's heads-up last week (and another announcement earlier this month that ads were on the way), however, users took to the comments to voice their displeasure over the introduction of ads.

The ad has not appeared on all user feeds, however. Some Mashable employees who follow Kors on Instagram hadn't seen the image comes across their feed at time of writing.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed that this was indeed the platform's first ad, but there is no specific time table for when other brands will join Kors. In a post last week, Instagram listed its first batch of ad partners will include Burberry, Lexus and Macy's, among others.

While advertisers will most likely try to create ads that blend in naturally to a user's feed, you can tell which posts are advertisements by the "Sponsored" label sitting where the time stamp usually goes in the upper righthand corner.

If you were to go to Kors's feed, however, you would only see the image as a traditional post without the "Sponsored" identifier (as evidenced in the embed from the top of this post).

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