Your iPhone Changes on Sept. 18: Apple Announces Release Date for iOS 7

Apple's redesigned iPhone and iPad operating system launches next week.

September 10, 2013, 1:29 PM

Cupertino, Calif. Sept. 10, 2013 — -- Apple's newest iPhones might be the focus at its event today, but most iPhones out there will be turning into new iPhones on Sept. 18. At its event today, Apple confirmed that iOS 7, the radically redesigned version of its iPhone and iPad software, would be available for download on Sept. 18.

Owners of an iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and the iPad 2, iPad with Retina and the iPad Mini will all be able to download iOS 7 via iTunes on that date. It will also be available for the 5th generation iPod Touch.

But owners should be aware, this isn't just a small software change with some new apps. They will be getting a radically different version of the iPhone and iPad software they have known. Apple has completely revamped the design of the software with new colors and icons and animations. The brightly colored new operating system also has redesigned Mail, Calendar, Music, Photo and Camera apps. Not one part of the software looks the same.

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However, Apple has maintained the same interface with app icons on the homescreens so it is familiar to use. But there are some new features including a new Command Center with easy access to settings, which you can get to from any screen by swiping up from the bottom. There is also a new multitasking view when you double tap the home button. The Notification Center has also been nipped and tucked and Siri has been improved with a choice between male and female voices.

You can check out our guide to some of the best iOS 7 features here. Apple did not release an exact time of day of when iOS 7 would be available but it typically releases it early in the day.

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