IPhone 4s: Top 5 Things to Know About Smartphone With iOs 5

New Apple phone hits stores.

ByNed Potter
October 13, 2011, 4:46 PM

Oct. 14, 2011 — -- intro: Steve Jobs would be proud. The iPhone 4S -- announced the day before he died -- has now reached stores and is being shipped to those who ordered it online.

By all reports, it's a tremendous hit. Lines at Apple stores (Steve Wozniak was on one in Los Gatos, Calif.) snaked around the block everywhere, though it must be said that Apple was good at orchestrating them to be long but not frustrating. Apple said it sold more than 4 million new phones in the first weekend.

And to go with it, Apple has introduced iOS 5 -- its new operating system -- so successfully that it was almost too successful. The Internet seemed to buckle under the load as people tried to download the software into their existing iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Here are five things that will be helpful to know if you're an Apple enthusiast, unpacking your new phone or waiting for it to come. We hope this information will be useful, too, if you're sticking with the competition.

quicklist: 1category: iPhone 4Stitle: Don't Judge a Phone by its Coverurl: media:14733723 text: Apple made a careful, rational decision to upgrade the existing iPhone 4 instead of selling a shiny -- but potentially buggy -- new iPhone 5, said analyst Ross Rubin of the NPD Group.

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