Jack Dorsey: How Twitter and Square CEO Makes It Work Running Two Companies

Dorsey joins Elon Musk in juggling responsibilities at two companies.

— -- It's been a busy three months for Jack Dorsey.

Since taking over as Twitter's interim CEO three months ago, Dorsey, 38, has continued to be at the helm of the social network he co-founded while also steering his other company, payments processor Square, toward what many believe will be an IPO before the end of the year.

It's now possible, according to reports, Dorsey could soon be named the permanent CEO of Twitter.

Working two jobs is hard, let alone, running two companies, but Dorsey has experience with the balancing act. At the Techonomy conference in 2011, Dorsey explained the approach he took to running two companies, saying it takes "Discipline and practice. I theme my days."

Mondays are for management meetings, while Tuesdays focus on the actual product. Wednesday is for marketing, communications and growth efforts at both companies. Thursday is about focusing on partnerships, while Friday is for company culture.

While Dorsey is no stranger to the juggling act, running two big companies is a rarity. Perhaps no one understands more what it's like than Elon Musk, who is CEO of the publicly traded automaker Tesla and the privately held SpaceX. Steve Jobs also famously led two companies for a time as chief executive of both Apple and Pixar.