This Is Mark Zuckerberg’s 'Most Important Meeting of the Day'

PHOTO: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted this photo with this caption: "most important meeting of the day, "March 24, 2016.PlayMark Zuckerberg/Facebook
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Mark Zuckerberg's most important meeting of the day doesn't take place in the board room -- it's when he's with his daughter Max.

The doting new dad shared a photo of himself bottle feeding his four month old daughter, writing: "Most important meeting of the day," along with the hashtag #LeanInTogether.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer who started the #LeanIn movement, wrote in an earlier post on Thursday that #LeanInTogether "celebrates the important role men play in creating an equal world."

"Reaching equality is not just good for women — it is good for men as well," she said. "Children with active fathers are healthier, happier, and more successful. Men who are 50/50 partners have stronger marriages."

Like many new parents, Zuckerberg has taken to Facebook to share sweet photos of his daughter -- but he has also sent a powerful message about balancing a high profile position while being a new parent.

Zuckerberg, who took two months paternity leave after Max was born, has shared photos showing his involvement with his daughter, including everything from dressing her up as a Jedi to changing a diaper and taking her to get vaccinated.