Microsoft CEO Says Goodbye to Microsoft with Tears and a Song

Steve Ballmer has had 'The Time of His Life' at the the company.

Sept. 28, 2013 — -- Microsoft's outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer is one of the most passionate and interesting business leaders to watch on stage.

Just look back at some of these moments here for evidence of that.

And after 33 years at the company, that energy and love for the company is still very much alive.

Earlier this week Ballmer led and spoke at his final Microsoft employee meeting and delivered a goodbye speech like no other to a stadium full of his Microsoft colleagues.

"Soak it in, you work for the greatest company in the world," Ballmer screamed on stage as his eyes welled up with tears.

As people screamed out his name he said, "This isn't about any one person, it is about the company, it is about a company that is important, that's forward thinking, that's innovative, that's ethical, that hires great people and lets them lead great lives, that helps people around the world realize their potential."

Video of the speech was exclusively published by technology website The Verge. You can watch the full video below.

Ballmer, who is expected to leave within the next year when a replacement is chosen, has long professed his deep love for the the company. At Microsoft's 25th anniversary event, he ran across the stage and screamed "I love this company."

In the speech earlier this week he said that Microsoft was like "a fourth child" to him. "Children do leave the house," he said. "In this case I guess I am leaving the house."

The speech ends with Ballmer's Patrick Swayze moment and playing one of his favorite songs "I Had the Time of My Life."

As you'll see in the video, he doesn't attempt the famous lift, but instead sings a bit and bids an emotional farewell.

"I wanted to pick a song that was exactly perfect, a song that let me say thank you, a song that looked back retrospectively, and a song that celebrated the future," he says. ""You've made this the time of my life."