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Battery chargers: mundane but needed

Dec. 22, 2011 — -- Plugs and chargers and cables, oh my! If you're in the market for a little gadget management -- a way to stop cluttering your kitchen drawer with all those power adapters -- check out these charging stations to help save some room at home and on the road.

IDAPT Universal Charging Station: $60

IDAPT I4 lets you charge up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously, and is compatible with over 4,500 mobile electronic devices including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, PSP, digital cameras…get the picture?

iDapt uses an interchangeable tip system that makes it completely customizable, letting you charge your device via dock, rather than a tangle of cords. It has 3 charging points and an additional USB connector on the side, which means you can charge up just about anything that has a USB.

The Joy Factory Zip Touch-n-Go Multi Charging Station with Ziptail Receivers: $79.99

The Zip multi-charging station from The Joy Factory looks funky, but it does the trick. It makes charging all your devices fast and easy using its so-called Ziptail design.

The Zip itself (charging tray) is shaped like a fin, with dimples in it that accept the "tails" on the end of the connectors. The Zip comes with a starter kit that includes one mini USB and two micro USB receivers, as well as an Apple 30-pin connector. Additional receivers are available separately for $12.95 each.

The Zip eliminates that dreaded cord tangle since the connecters are short, and if your phone rings while it's charging, you can simply pick it up and answer it. The tail will release easily, eliminating that awkward, tethered feeling.

Like the other conductive chargers we've seen, you still have to plug the Zip itself into a wall outlet, but at least you don't have to have a separate case for your phone or device in order to use the charging capabilities.

Quirky Pivot Power Surge Protection: $29.99

We all know about big, chunky adapters that don't fit into those straight line power strips. Why doesn't someone invent one that flexes?

Well, someone did. A high school kid working on a pre-college project designed it and Quirky brought it to market.

The Pivot Power Surge Protector is designed to be twisted and turned, and adjusted to hold large adapters in every outlet, so you have no waste or dead outlets. Plus, the flexible shape pivots around furniture and those hard-to-reach places. Great for college dorms or small apartments. Why didn't I think of that?

Innergie Magic Cable Trio: $19.99

If you travel a lot and you have an iPhone or iPad, as well as other portable devices, you know what a pain it can be carrying all the different chargers -- or worse yet, forgetting one.

My standards are an Apple connection and a micro USB. Sometimes I need a mini USB tip for a digital camera or GPS.

While we all wait for a universal charging system, which really would be a dream come true, try the Magic Cable Trio from Innergie. It combines an Apple tip, micro and mini USB tip all in one cable. One cable that will power and charge all your portable devices. Now that's magic.