Nintendo Hires Bowser to Be Sales Executive

A guy who shares a name with one of Nintendo's biggest villains gets a new gig.

ByAlyssa Newcomb
May 20, 2015, 2:02 PM
PHOTO: Nintendo's Bowser.
Nintendo's Bowser.

— -- Watch out, Princess Peach. Bowser is taking over the Nintendo corporate office.

Pardon us -- we have our Bowsers mixed up.

Nintendo had some fun today with the announcement that Doug Bowser will be joining the gaming company as vice president of sales.

Bowser shares a name with the character in the company's Mario games who is known for his spiked shell, love of Princess Peach and villainous streak in the Mushroom Kingdom.

PHOTO: Nintendo VP Doug Bowser is seen here.
Nintendo VP Doug Bowser is seen here.
Business Wire

Making it clear that Doug Bowser has no relation to the fictional character, Nintendo wrote he would bring "decades of experience, not fire breath" to his new role.

Bowser comes to Nintendo after spending eight years at competitor Electronic Arts.

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