Must-Have Oscar Apps and Tech Tools

PHOTO: This years official Oscars App is now live on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, providing fans unparalleled access to the 84th Academy Awards.PlayABC
WATCH Oscars Get Social With Apps

You've undoubtedly got a lot of prep work to do before the Academy Awards airs on Sunday night on ABC. Make sure you've got a comfortable couch and a working TV, some fresh snacks, and, of course, watch as many of the nominated films as possible.

But don't forget about readying the tech tools. Whether you're going to be away from the TV for a bit or you just want to keep up with the best commentators across Twitter and Facebook, you'll want to make sure you have the following tech tools and apps in your arsenal.

Official Oscar App

This is your one-stop-shop to seeing everything that is going on at and around the awards show. Not only do you get the complete list of nominees and trailers of the nominated movies, but there will be more than a dozen live backstage and Red Carpet video streams. And where else are you going to get a "control room," where you can pick any of the six camera vantage points and zoom in? On top of that, you can fill out a ballot and compete with your friends. (Full disclosure: ABC Digital developed this official app. It's free at Apple's app store.)

Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

It happens at every Oscar party, the fight about what else that actor or actress was in. Grab the IMDb app before the show starts so you are ready to put out the fires with a couple of taps. The app is your essential guide to all the stats you could ever want about all the movies and TV shows. Type in the name of the movie in the app or on and you'll get the full credits, including cast and directors. There's even a special Oscar section for the big event. (This one's also free, for the Web, Android and Apple iPhone/iPad.)

Twitter and Facebook

If you're a social media addict, you'll likely be watching Twitter and Facebook all night to see your friends' and followers' reactions, but there are lots of others you should keep an eye on. Here are a few Twitter suggestions: @TheAcademy, @billycrystal, @oscarinterviews, @abcnewsent, @OnTheRedCarpet, and the #Oscars hashtag. If you don't want to make the list yourself, has a great list.

You'll also want to "like" both the official Oscar page on Facebook and our very own ABCNews Entertainment page to get updates on Facebook.