Phone-Charging Pants Unveiled at London Fashion Show

Microsoft and designer Adrien Sauvage team up to combine technology and fashion.

— -- Never worry about the state of your phone’s battery life again, so long as you've got your pants on.

Now you can wear pants equipped with wireless phone charging capabilities. English fashion designer Adrien Sauvage collaborated with Microsoft to create the trousers, premiering the design on the runway Tuesday night in London.

Sauvage, who could not be reached for comment, released his first line of men’s wear in 2010 “when he realized that men’s sartorial needs were not being met,” his website,, explains. His new design will likely achieve what he set out to do, making the lives a little easier of those who need to charge their phones on the go.

So, how do the pants actually work?

Woven into the front pocket is the new Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate, which grants the wearer the ability to charge a phone by simply placing it into the pocket without the worry of having to plug it in, explains Adam Johnson, Head of UK Marketing at Microsoft Mobile Devices. This technology has inductive charging, which uses an electromagnetic field to transfer electricity between two objects -- in this case, the pants pocket and your phone. The wireless charger can be charged with a standard Micro USB cable, holding the charge until the pants are activated.

The pants will cost "over $340" and will be available to pre-order through Amazon soon.

“This collaboration is the first full integration of high-end technology and high-end fashion,” says Johnson, “the project has been an exploration of other directions that wearable technology may take, with a focus on how our current wireless technology can be integrated into a garment you already wear. We’ll definitely look to continue innovating this space.”

With phone-charging pants on the market, the possibilities seem endless for phone-charging clothing of the future.