Pope Francis Will Host Google+ Hangout for Kids Around the World

PHOTO: Pope Francis will host a Google Hangout this Thursday, Feb. 5.Google
Pope Francis hosts his first Google+ Hangout in this photo from 2014.

Live from the Vatican, it's Pope Francis I.

The pontiff will break out his webcam to host his second ever Google+ Hangout on Thursday, where he will chat with children from the United States, Brazil, India and Spain about their dreams for the future.

"With the help of technology, Pope Francis will extend a virtual embrace to others around the world who have disabilities and special needs," Google said in a blog post announcing the event.

The discussion will be broadcast on the Google+ page of Scholas Ocurrentes, an independent educational group Pope Francis "has entrusted with the mission of uniting schools worldwide, regardless of race, gender, class, religion or sexual orientation," according to Google.

The chance to digitally hang with the pope will happen Thursday at 10am ET. Francis previously hosted a hangout in September.