Rose Colored Nebula Glows From Deep Space

In case you need a reminder space is full of wonders, check out this photo.

— -- In case you needed another reminder that space is full of wonders, check out this stunning photo showing a rose colored nebula glowing thousands of light years away from Earth.

A nebula is a cloud of ionized dust and gas. Known officially as Messier 17, this nebula, located 5,500 light years from Earth and is home to hundreds of stars.

The gorgeous red and pink glow is created when the nebula's young star emit enough ultraviolet light to heat the surrounding hydrogen gas to the point it begins to brighten.

It also spans 15-light years across. While Messier 17 may be its official name, it has several nicknames including: the Swan Nebula, the Horseshoe Nebula and the Lobster Nebula, among others.