Want More Sex? Maybe You Should Buy an iPhone

Report: Women iPhone owners had 12.3 partners, female BlackBerry owners had 8.8.

ByABC News
August 11, 2010, 3:11 PM

Aug. 12, 2010— -- It you want more notches on your bedpost, maybe you should buy yourself an iPhone.

At least that's what new data from the online dating site OkCupid suggests.

The free dating site, which matches people based on the mounds of user information it collects, said that among 30-year-old smartphone users, iPhone owners have more sexual partners than owners of BlackBerrys and Android phones.

In a chart posted to site's blog Tuesday, OkCupid said the magic number for iPhone-toting men was 10, compared to 8.1 for BlackBerry users and 6 for Android owners.

Women iPhone owners appear to be even more amorous. According to the site, female iPhone owners had 12.3 partners, while BlackBerry users had just 8.8 and Android fans had 6.1.

"Imagine if you had a video camera in every bar in the country. You would have tons and tons of great fodder for these kinds of reports all the time," said Sam Yagan, the site's co-founder and CEO. "We basically are watching millions of people date, and in the process we can watch what pictures they take, what kinds of messages they send. We observe all kinds of behavior and then when you aggregate it -- obviously anonymously – you can come up with some very interesting findings."

To help understand the millions of people who use the site, he said OkCupid asks users several optional questions, including the kinds of phones they use and how many sexual partners they've had.

Yagan said the sample size they used to chart users' sexual activity by smartphone type included about 10,000 people.

OkCupid also mined its data to determine which cameras take the most attractive photos of their subjects.