Snapchat Becomes Less of a Data Waster With New Travel Mode

How to use the new mode and find out which of your apps are data drainers.

— -- Who knew opening Snapchat could have the potential suck up so much of a person's mobile data usage?

The makers of the ephemeral messaging app are rolling out a data-saving "travel mode" targeted at power users, many of whom are budget-conscious teens trying to make sure they stay within their monthly mobile data limits.

When the mode is enabled in settings, snaps, stories and discovery content will only load when a user taps them instead of having everything automatically load when the app is opened.

If the Snapchat update has you curious about what other apps may be chipping away at your monthly data, there's an easy way to check. Android users can manage their usage by going to the settings menu and selecting data usage. Users also have the option to set data limits and trigger notifications when their usage surpasses whatever quote has been set.

Want to see how fast it can rack up from opening Facebook, Twitter, email and other popular apps? Press the reset button on the bottom of the screen, open a few apps and then check back in on the data usage.