SpaceX Ready for Another Rocket Launch, Landing at Sea Attempt

SpaceX plans to launch a satellite into orbit on May 3.

The company's next satellite launch is scheduled for May 3, a company representative told ABC News today. While SpaceX will once again try to land its Falcon 9 booster at sea after sending the payload into orbit, the particular rocket used in this launch won't be the one SpaceX landed on April 8.

The successful landing earlier this month marked the fifth time SpaceX had tried to land its Falcon 9 on a drone ship. The rocket appeared to land upright in relatively calm waters -- a stark difference from previous attempts that resulted in fiery crash landings.

Mastering the drone ship landings is crucial for SpaceX. Musk said they are needed for "high velocity missions," which would allow payloads, such as satellites, to reach a higher orbit.

SpaceX successfully landed a Falcon 9 rocket in December on land after launching a satellite into orbit. Having the ability to recycle rockets is something Musk has said will "revolutionize access to space" by reducing costs by as much as a factor of one hundred.