Chew on This: Food Bloggers' Favorites

Food bloggers sound off on the sites worth stopping at.

ByAshley Phillips
January 08, 2009, 12:10 AM

June 7, 2007 — -- Food bloggers aren't just writing about food -- they're reading about it, too. Check out these writers' favorite food blogs.

Who: Ed Levine

Mastermind Behind: Ed Levine Eats and Serious Eats

Blog Tag Line: "Find It. Watch It. Eat It. Talk It."

His Picks: (for "greasy restaurant gossip"),, The Girl Who Ate Everything, The Gurgling Cod ("Funny passionate take on whatever he thinks is interesting that's going on in the food world.")

Who: Amy Sherman

Mastermind Behind: Cooking With Amy

Blogging Since: 2003

Day Job: Freelance Writer in San Francisco

Her Favorite Lesser Known Gems: ("Funny and informative"), Lobster Squad (Every post has an original illustration), Paris Breakfasts, Cook Think

Who: Nosher

Mastermind Behind: NYCNosh, along with co-writer Hungry Man

Estimated Site Hits a Month: 180,000

His Picks:, Salli Vates, The Girl Who Ate Everything

Who: Pim Techamuanvivit

Mastermind Behind: Chez Pim

Blogging Since: 2001

New Site That's Caught Her Eye: because it "blurs the line between amateurs and pros."

Who: Kerry Politzer

Mastermind Behind: Salli Vates

Blogging Since: 2002

Resides In: Queens, N.Y.

Her Picks: Badgett's Coffee E-Journal, Chocolate and Zucchini

Best Aggregator:

Who: Monica Nista

Mastermind Behind: Mona's Apple

Day Job: Producer at

Blogging Since: 2005

Her Picks: Hampton Smoker, (Writer "hosts fun contests out in Brooklyn"), Life's a Picnic, Augieland

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