Apple Silent on Customers' iPhone Problems

As 3G iPhone users complain about spotty service, analyst ponders recall.

ByABC News
August 14, 2008, 7:44 PM

Aug. 15, 2008 — -- Amid increasingly loud complaints about spotty service and reports of potential hardware flaws on the 3G iPhone, Apple had just two words for both its longtime fans and first-time customers: "No comment."

A company spokeswoman declined to answer ABC News' questions about widely reported dropped calls, slowness in accessing the Web and lack of access to AT&T's 3G network voiced by readers to

In recent weeks, customer complaints about the smart phone, which was advertised with the slogan "Twice as fast. Half the price," have reached a fever pitch online, even on Apple's Web site.

When 48-year-old Doug Clements, a retired refugee from the computer industry and a decades-long Apple fan, started a thread this week on Apple's discussion board describing his difficulties with the phone, he was surprised at the response he got.

Thousands of people from around the world replied to "iPhone 3G Reception Problems? You're Not Alone" to describe similar problems accessing the 3G network.

"I was just shocked that that many people replied," he said. "I am a true Apple fan, so this is nothing to make Apple look bad. I think Apple should come out and tell people what's going on with these phones."

That "What's going on?" sentiment was echoed by readers from California to Germany who related similar stories to

Dropped Calls, Cell Phone Service

Ambar Kulkarni, a 33-year-old software developer in Alpharetta, Ga., and his wife have experienced problems with their matching 3G iPhones. His biggest complaint? Dropped calls.

"My calls get dropped a lot, and I'm not even moving one inch, anywhere," he said. "I move my chair a little bit and my call gets dropped. It's just weird."

Kulkarni says he did not experience the same problems with the first generation of the iPhone. He mentioned, however, that the Web download times seemed to be faster.

"I'm not so sure what it could be," he said. "I used to be on T-Mobile before the iPhone bandwagon. I thought T-Mobile was bad, but not like this."