Rolls Royce Cars Recalled

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Inc. is recalling five models after a brand new car exploded at a Michigan dealership.

The recall affects 2000 and 2001 models of the Corniche and Bentley Azure and Continental T, R and SC. Only 539 of those vehicles were made and 408 were sold in the United States.

The explosion occurred after a dealership technician put the first tank of gas in a $360,000 2001 Corniche convertible that had just arrived from the British assembly plant.

As the technician drove away from the pump and hit a switch to roll up the windows, the explosion blew out the windows and damaged the convertible top and interior. The technician and another person standing nearby suffered minor injuries, according to a company spokesman.

The Corniche was shipped back to England and Rolls-Royce engineers found the electric current from the power windows ignited fuel vapors that had entered the car.

Rolls Royce has notified owners that its dealers will fix the problem by adding an extension pipe to vent all vapors outside the vehicle.