All the Strange Places Pokemon Go Gyms Can Be Found, Including White House and Pentagon

Pokemon trainers have begun congregating for battle at the Pentagon.

ByABC News
July 12, 2016, 12:55 PM

— -- As the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, has exploded in popularity over the past week, Pokemon trainers have turned to social media to share where they have found some of the most awkwardly placed gyms.

For the unfamiliar, Pokemon gyms are places where the trainers congregate in real life to battle their little monsters in the game.

Social media users have been quick to point out some of the entertaining, and strange, incidences that arise when real life and virtual reality intersect.

On Top of Someone's House

One Massachusetts resident rose to viral stardom when his home turned out to be a Pokemon gym, and he tweeted photos of the cars and people gathering outside his house to battle their little monsters.

The Westboro Baptist Church

Twitter users discovered a gym on top of the Westboro Baptist Church, and noticed the name of the gym's owner was "LoveIsLove." The organization decided to fight for its Pokemon gym, recruiting Jigglypuff to help.

The White House

There have been multiple reports of an active Pokemon gym in the White House.

Reddit users, on a sub-reddit dedicated specifically to the discovery of the gym in the middle of the White House, speculated it was most likely Vice President Joe Biden playing Pokemon Go in the White House.

The Pentagon

Twitter users have also mused over the discovery of a Pokemon gym in center of the Pentagon.

In the Middle of the Ocean

This New Zealand duo kayaked out to the open sea to claim a Pokemon gym out on the water.

On Top of a Yellow Fever Victims Memorial

One Pokemon trainer discovered an awkwardly located gym atop a memorial for victims of yellow fever in a viral tweet that has garnered more than 4,000 likes.

It was also recently discovered that the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, D.C, is the site of a PokeStop, a hub where trainers can get in-app goods.

In response to the influx of museum-goers playing Pokemon Go, the museum had to ask people to stop playing Pokemon Go there, museum officials said.

"Playing Pokemon Go in a memorial dedicated to the victims of Nazism is extremely inappropriate. We are attempting to have the Museum removed from the game," Andy Hollinger, the museum's director of communications, said in a statement to ABC News today. "The Museum encourages visitors to use their phones to share and engage with Museum content while here. Technology can be an important learning tool, but this game falls far outside of our educational and memorial mission."

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