TechBytes: Amazon Might Soon Have Its Own Tablet

The retailer may introduce a competitor to the iPad this week.

Sept. 26, 2011— -- From today's TechBytes: The latest iPad competitor could be available soon.

Numerous reports say Amazon will launch a new tablet computer, possibly this week.

The New York Times calls it a "souped-up" Kindle.

Other companies have struggled to compete with the Apple iPad. Amazon may be better positioned, because of its strength as a retailer.

Personal Coach Robot

There is a new high-tech tool in the battle of the bulge.

Autom is a 15-inch talking robot that will watch what you eat, keep track and give you feedback.

And not only that, this robot is a girl.

She's available for preorders and retails for $865.

Wake N Shake App

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, then Wake N Shake may be for you.

This alarm clock app comes with a bunch of unsettling tones, from an evil laugh to a hungry bear.

Once it goes off, you must shake the phone vigorously to stop it.

The app can be downloaded for .99 from the iTunes store.