TechBytes: Apple Acknowledges iPhone Battery Issue

The company claims a software update is on the way.

November 3, 2011— -- In today's TechBytes, problems for the latest iPhone.

Apple has acknowledged some customers drain their batteries unusually quickly when the use its new iOS 5 operating system on the iPhone 4S or other devices.

The company said it will release new software within the next few weeks that should correct the problem.

BlackBerry Allows Music Sharing

BBM Music allows each BlackBerry user to select 50 songs from a catalog of millions, and then share those songs with all of their BlackBerry messenger friends.

The app can be downloaded for free, but the service costs $5 a month. Users will only be allowed to select 50 songs a month to listen to and store on their phones.

Angry Birds Milestone

Finally, those Angry Birds have reached another milestone.

The game has been downloaded over half a billion times, with users around the world playing around 300 million minutes per day. Those birds just seem to keep flying.