TechBytes: Facebook's New Security Features, Sony's New Playstation Portable

WATCH Facebook Security

Facebook has introduced new security features after the social network's founder Mark Zuckerberg's fan page was hacked.

Members now have the option to securely browse the site using the same technology online banks and retailers use.

Facebook will also block hackers through a "social authentication" process which will occasionally ask users to identify pictures of their friends.

New Sony Playstation

Sony unveiled its next generation of Playstation Portable on Thursday.

Sony claims the new gaming device is as powerful as the PS3, which means better graphics than the first PSP. The company says the device will go on sale by the holidays.

Sony also plans to release an app that will run PlayStation games on Android phones.

More Texting Leads to Better Spelling?

Good news for parents worried that too much texting is bad for their kids. A new study from a British university finds no evidence that having a cell phone harms children's reading, writing and spelling.

In fact, texting abbreviations may actually help improve those skills, the reseachers found.