TechBytes: GMail Hacked

WATCH Gmail Gets Hacked

In today's TechBytes, Google blames hackers in China for attacks on Gmail. The online giant says the accounts of several hundred people were broken into, including those of some top US officials. Google says the hackers "phished" for passwords, but it has now secured those accounts.

TN Password Law

Using someone else's password for a music or video sharing site could get you in trouble if you're in Tennessee, even if you have permission. The new law is aimed at hackers who sell passwords in bulk, but it could be used against casual downloaders too.

Online Video Viewing Trends

The number of people watching video on the internet is expected to nearly double in the next four years. Cisco Systems also expects the amount of video they watch to nearly double. Much of that is the migration from broadcast TV to the internet.

Empire and Allies

There's a new Facebook game from the makers of "Farmville" and "Mafia Wars". "Empires and Allies" is Zynga's first combat strategy game. Zynga's previous games have appealed primarily to women.