TechBytes: Facebook PR Firm Plants Negative Stories About Google

WATCH Google-Facebook Rivalry Heats Up

In today's TechBytes: the rivalry between Google and Facebook is heating up. Facebook hired a PR firm which planted negative media stories about Google's "Social Circle" feature. Facebook says it wasn't a smear campaign against Google; it just wanted to highlight possible privacy concerns.

Samsung Infuse 4G

Small smartphones are easier to carry or put in your pocket, but it may be hard to see what's on them. The Samsung Infuse is at the other end of the spectrum. It features a large 4.5 inch screen. USA Today's Ed Baig says it's practically a tablet.

"The obvious reason for having a large screen is to consume movies or other media, and in fact that's where the Infuse really does shine. I watched some videos and movies on it, and it was a really good experience," said Baig.

On the downside, Baig said that the large screen makes for a less-than-crisp Web experience and a shorter battery life.