TechBytes: HP's TouchPad Tablet

HP's first tablet device goes on sale today.

July 7, 2011— -- In today's TechBytes, Hewlett Packard is trying to make a big splash with its new TouchPad tablet computer, in stores today.

USA Today's Ed Baig says it has too few apps, and a few too many glitches. But he did find some real positives: "The standout feature here is the webOS. That's HP's operating system originally developed for the Palm Pre. It uses a playing card metaphor where all of the apps or tasks you're running appear as playing cards. When you're done with it you can flick it right off the screen. It's easy to switch among them. It makes multitasking a breeze."

HP is deploying workers to Best Buy stores to demonstrate the TouchPad.


An exciting new startup hit a roadblock. LightSquared promises 4G service anywhere, thanks to a satellite network.

But the Federal Communications Commission put the service on hold, while it investigates a report that LightSquared would knock out 500 million GPS devices.