TechBytes: iPad 2 and Gmail Smart Labels

In today's TechBytes, the iPad 2 goes on sale and Gmail Smart Labels.

March 11, 2011— -- The iPad 2 is on sale. Online customers were able to start buying Apple's new tablet early this morning, but the device wouldn't be available in stores until 5 o'clock tonight. USA Today's Ed Baig says if you're in the market for a tablet computer the iPad 2 is the best there is,

"The device is thin, it's light, it's snappy and Apple brings a huge advantage in the number of apps. There is something like, 350,000 plus apps that will work on the iPad, 65,000 of which are designed especially for the iPad's larger screen."

Gmail Smart Labels

Gmail users have a new way to help manage their email clutter. Google has launched smart labels which automatically redirects certain types of messages like newsletters and bank statements into separate folders.