TechBytes: iPad 2 Shortage, IE9 vs. Firefox 4

What Japan's disaster means for the popular tablet.

March 18, 2011— -- Wait times for the new iPad may get longer. A new report says Apple may face supply shortages for components of the iPad 2 because of the disaster in Japan. Five parts for the device are made in Japan. Apple has already been dealing with supply shortages since the iPad went on sale a week ago. Stores are sold out and the wait time for online orders is as long as five weeks.

IE9 vs. Firefox 4

The browser wars are heating up. Microsoft released the latest version of Internet Explorer earlier this week. And Mozilla will release Firefox 4 on Tuesday. USA Today's Ed Baig says you can't go wrong with either one. Both Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 are free to download.

"The fact is, they're both pretty darn good. I give high marks to both Firefox 4 and IE9. Now speed, they're both pretty fast. They're both pretty clean looking and they have features that appeal to one person or another," said Baig.