TechBytes: Major Banks to Compete Against Paypal; Apple Users Beware 'Mac Defender' Computer Virus

In today's TechBytes: Apple's virus scare, Facebook gets musical, geeks rise.

May 26, 2011 — -- Major banks are taking on PayPal. Three of the nation's biggest banks -- Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo -- are launching a system that lets customers transfer money to someone else using only a mobile phone number or email address.

Beware the 'Mac Defender'

Cyber crooks are attacking Apple computers with "Mac Defender." The fake anti-virus program actually is a computer virus itself. Apple plans an operating system update soon to fight this.

Facebook Gets Musical

Facebook reportedly is working on a music-streaming service and Forbes says it could launch within two weeks.

It's a partnership with Spotify that will up-sell Facebook members to a premium service.

Rise of the Geeks

While there's increasing appreciation of those with technical skills, being labeled a "geek" still is not good for your career.

A survey finds that geeks are seen as socially awkward and best suited for IT and engineering jobs. Still, two-thirds of young adults surveyed said they consider themselves geeks.