TechBytes: SEGA Pass Hacked

Sensitive data for nearly 1.3 million customers exposed.

June 20, 2011— -- First, it was PlayStation. Now it's SEGA. The company has notified users of its SEGA Pass system that its online database has been hacked. The cyber thieves stole email addresses, dates of birth and passwords for nearly 1.3 million customers, but no payment information. It's unknown how many users were affected.

ICANN's 'Generic Top-Level' Domains

At a meeting today in Singapore, the organization that oversees the Internet address system voted to expand the suffixes available. Instead of .com, companies might be able to use their names or subjects. But the fee to apply will be $185,000.

Video Game Rentals

Redbox kiosks now have video games to rent. Each of the 21,000 kiosks will have more than 20 different titles, each at $2 a day.

Jelly Belly-Scented Phone Cases

You might soon see people sniffing their BlackBerry devices. Jelly Belly has come out with scented cases for smartphones. There are five flavors . . . but there's no blackberry for BlackBerry devices.