Why Tidings of an Apple Car Are Stoking Anticipation for a New Driving Experience

Apple is reportedly ramping up efforts to build a car.

— -- Don't underestimate the ambitions of the world's most valuable company.

Not only will Apple's worth give it a competitive edge, but the company also has the advantage of employing a brain trust of some of the best designers and user experience experts in the world who would have the capabilities to create a sleek electric car to rival Tesla.

Still, even if the Cupertino company is secretly working on a vehicle, Ibara said the actual manufacturing of the future cars would be a "huge challenge" the company would have to overcome.

"There is speculation they could outsource it," he said, "but if you follow the auto industry, there are a lot of challenges in not just designing but manufacturing a flawless vehicle."

While 2019 is still a ways out -- Ibara said it's also likely the big auto makers are ramping up their plans for vehicles that could rival a hypothetical Apple car.

"I wouldn't count out the automakers because they certainly know Apple is in the game so I think they will up their game," he said.