Top 5 New Gadgets of the Week

A phone-turned-tablet and a $25 computer: ABC picks the week's best gadgets.

March 4, 2012 — -- intro: It was raining phones and tablets this week. Over 50 phones and tablets were announced this week at Mobile World Congress, a large mobile tradeshow in Barcelona. On top of that, some other very notable gadgets made there way into the world and are now ready for purchase.

We've rounded up some of the best of the week. So, if you're interested in a phone that becomes a tablet, a $25 computer, or a camera that let's you focus after you've taken the picture, you'll want to start clicking.

quicklist: 1 title: Galaxy Note 10.1 text: Yes, the iPad 3 is on the way, so we wouldn't suggest buying a tablet just yet, but Samsung did announce its Galaxy Note 10.1 this week. The 10.1-inch tablet is like an enlarged version of the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note with Samsung's S-Pen which lets you doodle on the screen. It also runs the newest version of Android — Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich — and has two cameras. media: 15802438

quicklist: 2 title: Asus Padfone text: The Padfone is undoubtedly one of the most interesting mobile gadgets to ever see the light of day. The Android 4.0 phone is a regular phone until you place it in the back of a 10.1-inch tablet that comes along with it. The phone becomes a full-on tablet. It can also be purchased with an optional keyboard dock, so the tablet can become a laptop of sorts. You see, way more than a phone! Asus hasn't announced pricing, but it says it will start shipping in April. media: 15802377

quicklist: 3 title: Lytro text: The Lytro doesn't look like any camera and that's because it isn't just any camera. It is the first light-field camera available to real people, meaning you can take photos that can be refocused afterwards. Take a picture of a flower but then want to refocus on something in the background? You can do that. The camera is now available for $399. media: 15837531

quicklist: 4 title: HTC One X text: Lots of phones were announced at Mobile World Congress this week, but the HTC One X has a number of standout features. And it's one of the entries we know for sure will be making its way to the U.S via AT&T. The phone is large thanks to its 5.3-inch display, but the screen itself is bright and crisp. It also has a high quality 8-megapixel camera, a fast dual-core processor, and LTE speeds. (The version shipping overseas will have a quad-core processor.) It will be coming to AT&T sometime in the second quarter of this year. media: 15837373

quicklist: 5 title: Raspberry Pi text: A $25 computer. That's the Raspberry Pi. But it's not a computer like you might imagine, it's just the guts of a very-low powered, Linux desktop. For $25 you get all the components of a small desktop which is capable of running a web browser and word processing. It has the ports to hook up a display and a mouse, but you will need to buy those separately. Raspberry Pi is a non-profit company with the goal of getting its cheap computer in the hands of children in the developing world. The $25 computer has sold out for now, but should be available in a couple of weeks, says the company. media: 15840596