How Vine Star's Speedo Stunt Hit Turbulence at 30,000 Feet

Jerome Jarre tweeted as the prank went wrong on American Airlines flight.

— -- A prank involving a skintight swimsuit and an inflatable pool toy aboard an American Airlines flight caused turbulence for a social media star and ended up with police meeting him at his flight's destination in Miami, the airline said.

Jerome Jarre, a Vine star with 7.5 million followers, tweeted that he was about to be arrested and asked for help from his followers as the drama unfolded Tuesday.

The prank, which Jarre said he planned to release as a YouTube video, did not go over well with the crew on the Mexico-Miami flight, which had law enforcement meet the plane at the gate, though Jarre wasn't charged, according to American Airlines.

“Speedos are great on the beach but no one wants to see them dancing down the aisle at 30,000 feet,” an American Airlines spokesman told ABC News.

In an email sent to ABC News, Jarre said his "goal was not to scared anyone but making people laugh."

Jarre managed to keep tweeting right before meeting police, asking his followers to help him avoid deeper trouble by tweeting and retweeting with the hashtag, #AmericanAirlinesCHILLOUT.

Jarre said the plane was met by 11 police officers who took him to meet with FBI agents, who told him they were on the phone with Washington. He said his Twitter followers were tweeting in support of him and that he saw the FBI printing out some tweets as they came in.

"It was pretty funny to see," Jarre said.

The FBI did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The airline told ABC News police were called but no charges were filed against Jarre. Neither the Miami-Dade Airport Police nor the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office at the airport had a record of Jarre's detention.

Jarre didn't appear to suffer too badly. Within three hours of landing, he said he was free to get on his next flight to Brazil. He shared the news with his followers on Twitter with celebratory picture.

On Wednesday morning, Jarre was back on Twitter starting the day with a cheery greeting to his 872,000 followers.