Mom of Missing Fla. Girl Won't Return to Jail

Bounty hunter changes his mind; won't revoke bail for Casey Anthony.

ByABC News
August 29, 2008, 4:27 PM

Aug. 29, 2008— -- A bounty hunter who helped free the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony now says he won't try to have her bail revoked.

Leonard Padilla said Thursday that he would ask his associates to revoke Casey Anthony's $500,000 bond and have her returned to jail because of "security concerns."

Padilla told ABC News today that he spoke to Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, this morning and that Baez was addressing those concerns. He declined to elaborate on the security problems.

Earlier this week, Padilla also said that, in light of preliminary air sample tests that reportedly show a decomposing body was in Anthony's trunk, he now believes that Anthony accidentally killed her daughter, who has been missing since mid-June.

"I think it was an accident," he said. "Her friends called and said she wouldn't have harmed her, but if she did, she would have freaked."

Padilla, a self-styled celebrity bounty hunter, a few weeks ago offered to bail 22-year-old Anthony out of jail, saying that he thought he could convince her to cooperate in the search for Caylee. Padilla has said Anthony has not cooperated since her release.

A law enforcement source confirmed to ABC News that air sample tests taken from Anthony's trunk allegedly revealed evidence of human decomposition. The results were first reported Wednesday.

Police last month said hairs the same length and color as Caylee's were found in the trunk of the car and Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy Anthony, said in a 911 call that the car smelled like there had been a dead body in it.

Cindy Anthony has since retracted those comments, saying the smell could easily have been from garbage in the car.

A family spokesman said that Cindy Anthony still believes Caylee is alive. "There has been nothing definitive," Larry Garrison said Thursday of the air sample tests.

Anthony has said her daughter has been missing since mid-June, but she didn't report it until more than a month later. She has not been charged with her daughter's disappearance, though police have said she is a "person of interest" in the case.

She faces charges of child neglect, making false statements and obstructing an investigation for allegedly lying to the police.

Earlier this week, prosecutors released more than 400 pages of documents, including police reports and transcripts of interviews, that portray Anthony as troubled and a habitual liar. The documents also allege that Anthony wanted to give Caylee up for adoption before she was born but that her mother dissuaded her.

According to the documents, Anthony told police that she left the child with her baby sitter, then couldn't find them when she returned from work. But, no one had lived at the address Anthony gave for the babysitter for months.