Homeless Man Puts Knox Near Crime Scene

American student's Italian murder trial proceeds with day of colorful testimony.

ByAnn Wise
March 28, 2009, 1:42 PM

PERUGIA, Italy, March 28, 2009 -- A homeless man testifying in the Italian murder trial of American exchange student Amanda Knox today said that he had seen Knox and then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito talking animatedly in an outdoor plaza on the night Knox's former roommate, English student Meredith Kercher, was killed.

Antonion Curatolo, 53, who testified that he spends most of his time in a Perugia, Italy square near the cottage where Knox and Kercher lived, placed the young couple near the murder scene on Nov. 1, 2007. Kercher was found dead in the cottage with knife wounds to the throat the next day. Curatolo's testimony contradicted Knox and Sollecito's contention that they were at Sollecito's home that night.

Knox, 21, and Sollecito, 25, are charged with sexually assaulting and murdering Kercher. A third person, Rudy Guede, 22, was convicted in October for participation in the crime, although he denied involvement.

Both defendants, who maintain their innocence, were in court for the day's proceedings. The two appeared relaxed and attentive.

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