Funnies: Secretary of Shampoo

A look at the best in late night political comedy.

ByABC News

May 18, 2008— -- Here's a roundup of the late night comics.

John McCain: What should be we looking for in our next president? Certainly someone who is very, very, very old.

Jay Leno: John Edwards announced he will be endorsing Barack Obama. Well, the rumor is that Barack Obama promised him, if elected, he would offer him the cabinet position of "Secretary of Shampoo and Highlights."

Letterman: Hillary Clinton's campaign right now this very minute -- $20 million in debt. Yup! Now when she gets that 3 a.m. call, it's from a collection agency.

Conan O'Brien: In a recent speech, Barack Obama made a mistake. He said he had visited all 57 states. Yeah, that's what he said. After hearing this, President Bush said, "Ha ha, he forgot Alaska and Hawaii!"

Stephen Colbert: Sen. John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama for president of the United States. Wow! He is going to need more than two Americas to hide from Hillary Clinton.

Leno: While he was in Israel, President Bush launched a political attack on Barack Obama. I guess he attacked him over there, so he doesn't have to attack him over here.

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