Funnies: Obama Plane Scare

Here's a roundup of the late night comics.

The Tonight Show

Jay Leno: Today Jesse [Jackson] tried to reach out to Obama. And Obama said, "Keep your hands where I can see them!"

Late Night

Conan O'Brien: President Bush met with the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Afterwards, Bush regarded him as, quote, a smart guy. When asked how he knows he's smart, Bush said, "He speaks fluent Russian."

The Tonight Show

Leno: Hey, big scare today for Barack Obama. His airplane had to make an unscheduled landing because of mechanical problems. While the pilot was steering to the left, the plane was apparently drifting to the right.

Late Late Show

Craig Ferguson: John McCain, he's campaigning out, traveling around the country looking for donors ... mostly organ donors."

Late Night

O'Brien: Barack Obama has decided to give his acceptance speech at Denver's 80,000-seat football stadium. Meanwhile, Ralph Nader will be giving his acceptance speech at a foot locker.

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart: Remember this one? Bush: If there was a magic wand and say, "OK, drop price," I'd do that. Jon: Isn't it refreshing to finally have a candidate who speaks intelligently about the issue of gas prices? Obama: I would love to wave a magic wand and say elect me president and gasoline's going to go back to two, even three bucks.