Roberts Joins Gulf Coast Cancer Survivors

"Good Morning America's" anchor, our ABC News colleague, Robin Roberts, recently discovered that she is battling breast cancer. This week, on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, she will visit other cancer survivors from the Gulf Coast on behalf of the group "Pink Heart Funds."

Robin Roberts: Pink Heart was founded and started by a wonderful woman, a hairdresser in my home state of Mississippi, Jo Ann. And after Hurricane Katrina everyone had lost everything, didn't have a thing, and she saw so many people, cancer patients -- and she's a breast cancer survivor herself -- that have lost their wigs. And someone might say, "Well, in the scheme of things, you know, is that a big deal?" Yes it is.

You're already dealing with so much and you just want things to be normal, you just want to feel normal, you want to look normal. And when you're told you're going to lose your hair, especially as a woman, it's traumatic, it's quite emotional.

So she started this wonderful organization that provides wigs, but provides hope and inspiration more than anything, [a] real support group for a number of people there on the Gulf Coast.

There are so many ways that people can help with Pink Heart and with all organizations that are helping with breast cancer. But you know what you can do to help -- this is the battle cry for all of us -- get checked. Check yourself. Early detection, you know. If you really want to help don't become one of us.

Roberts agreed to speak at the Pink Heart fundraiser before she received her own diagnosis, and says her upcoming appearance has taken on a whole new meaning.