What's the Best Political Movie of All Time?

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This Week The Oscars.

The Oscars are HERE!

In honor of ABC hosting the Academy Awards this Sunday, we'll be talking about the "best movie" this year on the Roundtable. But, we here at "This Week" want to know...what's YOUR all-time favorite political movie?

Our guest host ABC's Matthew Dowd, who has made a career working in politics, says his favorite political movie is "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and here's why: "This is my favorite political movie and one of my top ten movies of all time. I love the idealism of Senate Jefferson Smith (played exquisitely well by James Stewart) as he comes to Washington as an appointed senator. He ends up discovering corruption and his heart gets broken by people he always trusted. In the end, he conquers and his ideals are renewed. Also, interestingly he actually uses the filibuster in a way to expose the corruption. Ironic at a time when the filibuster is merely used as a threat and not in the manner of Jefferson Smith. This feel good movie is a must see by anyone who loves politics and dreams of a less cynical, non polarized time."

Have your say! What's the best political movie of all time? Join the debate!

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