Coming up… Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Gov. Chris Christie

PHOTO Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to appear on ABC?s "This Week."ABC News Photo Illustration/Handout
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With the "unusually uncertain" economic climate threatening the recovery, "This Week" anchor Jake Tapper sits down with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to discuss the road ahead for the U.S. economy. Will the massive new financial regulation law put more uncertainty into the markets? Will letting the Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthiest Americans hurt economic growth? And what does the administration have planned to help jobs return?

Then, he's a rising star in the GOP whose upset victory in a blue state shocked the political world. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie comes to "This Week" for an exclusive interview – and his first appearance on a Sunday show. As his state faces significant budget challenges, Christie has slashed spending and taken on powerful unions. Can his tough-talking style and fiscal conservatism propel him to the national stage? Gov. Chris Christie, only on "This Week." Plus our roundtable with Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, Democratic Strategist Donna Brazile and Fox News Contributor Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard will look at the politics of race and the media fallout after the wrongful firing of Agriculture Department Shirley Sherrod. And New York Congressman Charlie Rangel faces ethics charges – will the 20-term lawmaker survive? That and all the week's politics Sunday on "This Week."

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