Coming up on 'This Week'… An Exclusive Interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Christiane Amanpour to Interview Hillary Clinton on Unrest in the Middle East

WASHINGTON, Feb 18, 2011— -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sits down with Christiane Amanpour for an exclusive interview to discuss the uprisings and unrest in the Middle East.

Will the examples of Tunisia and Egypt lead to the toppling of governments in Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and Iran? Will crackdowns crush the demonstrations? What does the spread of popular revolts across the Arab and Muslim world mean for the U.S and the world?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a "This Week" exclusive.

Then, a budget showdown in Wisconsin freezes their state senate, and a fight over federal spending in the U.S. Congress could lead to a national government shutdown.

As union members and the Tea Party send re-enforcements to demonstrate in Madison, Democratic lawmakers flee the state to avoid a vote on Governor Scott Walker's proposal to gut key negotiation rights for labor unions. "This Week" will have a report from Wisconsin, as well as a roundtable to examine the heated struggle over state and federal budgets and how the outcome of the labor union debate could have a ripple effect throughout the country.