Coming Up on 'This Week' ... EXCLUSIVE: Senator-elect Rand Paul, Rep. Mike Pence and David Stockman

Rand Paul is coming to Washington and his first stop is "This Week with Christiane Amanpour." The Tea Party favorite and newly-elected Republican Senator from Kentucky sits down with Christiane for an exclusive interview. He pledged to stick to his principles, but does that leave any room for compromise with the Obama administration. How will he work with members of his own party? Senator-elect Rand Paul, only on "This Week."

Then, two Republicans square off over tax cuts. House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence wants to extend all of the Bush tax cuts, while the President says he wants to extend tax cuts for the middle class, but allow tax cuts to expire for high earners. But one Republican says all the Bush tax cuts need to go, and America needs to pay its bills. Former Reagan budget director David Stockman says it's time for Republicans to drop the dogma over tax cuts. Rep. Mike Pence and David Stockman in a "This Week" debate.

Plus, outgoing Democratic Senator Evan Bayh talks about mistakes his party made and lessons they should learn as he joins our roundtable, with George Will, former Bush political strategist Matthew Dowd, John Podesta of the Center for American Progress and ABC News Political Director Amy Walter. They'll offer a full assessment of the midterm fall out. Will Congress find any common ground with the White House? What will the Tea Party's impact be on policy? And will the President change course? Plus new insights on George W. Bush from his book "Decision Points." The book will be released next week but excerpts have already leaked.

And 50 years ago, in another historic race, John F. Kennedy was elected president. With the passing of Ted Sorensen, a top adviser and speech writer for Kennedy, "This Week" takes a special look back at the 1960 campaign and its lasting impact on American politics.

You won't want to miss it.